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Hands-down the Most Important Factor for Choosing AP Automation

When choosing accounts payable automation, there are a number of factors to consider – compatibility with existing systems, key features, accessibility, price – and while all of these factors are important, none are as important as the provider’s reputation for service. You can read our previous post on keys to comparing AP software here, but for today’s post we are talking about service.

Why Service Should be Your Top Consideration 

While features and reliability are hugely important to return on investment, these needs will naturally be met when you choose a vendor who is dedicated to ensuring their customers’ success. Building an industry leading solution will just be a top priority for any organization that wants to exceed their customers’ expectations.

While Fidesic AP automation offers a  highly customizable self-starter option, we are there for you if the need arises.

Check out our Self-Starter Customer Success Story

“We found Fidesic to not only be easy to install, because of their accurate documentation to lead through each step, but also, they were easily found by phone or email for support. The interface to Great Plains has been flawless,” said a Dynamics GP consultant for Mary’s Pizza.

Implementation Services

Even with the most straightforward software implementations there are always unique hurdles, whether industry-related, integration-related or other hurdles. So right out of the gate, it is important to find a provider with a long reputation for providing in-depth services during the implementation and development process. 

Check out our Full-Service Implementation Customer Success Story

“Mammoth is most impressed by the dedication and willingness of the Fidesic team to listen to our feedback, as it relates to our specific industry, and assist in improving our overall experience through development phases. Knowing Fidesic genuinely cares that we are as efficient as possible and wants to see us succeed holds a lot of weight! More so nowadays when personal relationships can tend to fade,” said Fidesic customer Mammoth Holdings.

Ongoing Services

Unlike many software solutions, AP software requires ongoing services to realize long-term value and return on investment. Whether we are talking about check fulfillment or fully managed invoice data capture, AP vendors who are truly committed to their customers’ success will deliver industry leading services and work with their customers to ensure all of their needs are met, long after the implementation.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become the standard for how most software is delivered, and it’s no wonder–more power, better connected, less maintenance, lower upfront costs. Unfortunately, the “service” part is all too often missing from the equation. In many cases, software-as-a-service is really software-as-a-utility. While this might work for production software like Adobe or efficiency software like Microsoft Office, when it comes AP software, service is critical.

Service is so important to AP Software because it impacts the entire accounting department as well as compliance, and the details are critical. Accuracy in AP requires a higher-level of human intervention than many back-office operations.

Now, imagine how efficient your back-office accounting process would be with a true Accounts Payable as a Service (APaaS) solution.

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APaaS for Microsoft Dynamics GP 

Here at Fidesic we're helping Microsoft Dynamics GP users make their entire AP process feel like a service. You can ramp up or down as needed, reduce your overhead costs, and get access to your data anywhere you need, all while staying in the driver’s seat of your end-to-end accounting process. Let’s chat to see how Fidesic can get you started fast.

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