30,000 Monthly Invoices.
No Accounts Payable Clerk.

MB2 Dental Solutions: An Accounts Payable Success Story

Management services provider expands with a franchise model, processes thousands of invoices for multiple locations.

MB2 Dental Solutions was growing fast, and Accounts Payable began to struggle.

Since automating and centralizing accounts payable with Fidesic, MB2 has grown to more than 500 locations and cut their invoice processing time in half.

"Fidesic literally saved our sanity. It's so much easier to use"

--Sarah Sawyer, MB2 Dental

MB2's Required AP Features

  • Perfect Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Accounting Software)
  • Perfect Integration to Binary Stream MEM Software
  • Location Based Invoice Data Capture
  • Location Based Invoice Approval Routing
  • Pay fulfillment for ACH and Check from multiple bank accounts directly to vendor accounts

Three weeks after MB2 decided to go with Fidesic, they were able to automatically capture invoice data, get electronic approval, and push that data directly into their Dynamics GP accounting system.

“Having implemented Fidesic, we have been able to trim our invoice processing from 10 days to 5 days.”MB2-Dental-Hubspot-Thumbnail

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