Fidesic for Free

No Cost Accounts Payable Automation

  • 1 Company
  • 3 Users
  • 50 Invoices
  • Unlimited Payment Approvals
  • No Time Limit 

 Flat File or Direct Integration to Your ERP System

  Electronically Sign Checks and Approve ACH Payments

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No Credit Card or Payment Information Needed to Get Started

Transaction Type Pricing
ACH $.49/each
Paper checks/invoices $1.69/each
Data Entry (OCR) $.49/each document


The right solution for you.

The right solution for you.

Our solution provides the tools and training guides to get started all on your own. Take Fidesic for a spin without having to involve IT. 

The right solution for your team.

The right solution for your team.

After you have had the ability to explore Fidesic's Accounts Payable Automation solution and see its benefits, you can bring along two of your team members on board!

The right solution for your business.

The right solution for your business.

Once you've implemented Fidesic into your business's workflow you will quickly be able to quantify the cost savings. Make using Fidesic a no-brainer for your management team. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How is Fidesic data secured?

We meet a variety of data security compliances including SSAE Type 16, SAS 70, PCI and several others. Please read our security and privacy policy to understand the steps we have taken to ensure that your invoices and payments sent electronically are secure -- more secure than your current paper based processes.

How much support and experience is required?

Fidesic is easy to use and intuitive. We offer training manuals and a series of youtube videos designed to make the process easy to understand - we ensure you have all the tools necessary to be successful.

Is Fidesic For Free really free?

Yes. You have the ability to utilize our innovative solutions at no cost. No credit card required - no commitment. See what you like at your own pace!

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