Anywhere, Anytime Invoice Approvals

Process and approve invoices from anywhere with any internet connection. No need to be in the office!

A secure, paperless approval process in possible when you automate your accounts payable with Fidesic. We know you can't be everywhere at once, but as long as you have your mobile device, your workflow can run smoothly.


Accurate Accounts Payable Reporting

Fidesic's solution can meet your unique reporting requirements. You will be able to provide reports specially designed to provide your donors insight into how funds are being spent and customize reports based on their needs, all with minimal effort.

Users will also be able to create a report with backups of all PDFs and their associated expenses. We know the importance of having access to your full audit trail of all approvals (invoices and payments).


Instant Accounts Payable Automation

As a nonprofit, your resources are extremely valuable and you must choose how to allocate these resources with caution - especially your time. That's why we provide an automatic on-boarding process.

No need for a lengthy set-up process and scheduling multiple meetings with a support team just to get up and running. Users can self-set up their system and begin automating their accounts payable as quickly as a few hours!




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Seamless Dynamics GP Integration

Approved invoice within Fidesic are directly synced with your Dynamics GP system.



Send to Straight to Approval Workflow

Users can push scanned invoices directly into the approval workflow, or send invoices to a confirmation page first.



Pay Via ACH or Paper Check

Simply pick which invoices you would like to pay within Fidesic. We will help you with approval and take care of the fulfillment.



No More Manual Data Entry

With the combination of automatic invoice capture (OCR) and human entry, you can rely on our system to ensure you receive the most accurate invoice data.

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Advanced Workflow

Fidesic allows you to route invoice approvals to specific users based on entity, location, amount or any other item contained within an invoice.



User Visibility

Manage your user roles so that specific users can only see the invoices and GLs for their assigned entity or location.

automatic invoice error correction


Invoice Error Correction

Nearly all OCR systems will push missed inputs to your staff to correct. But not FIdesic. We will manually correct any missed fields so you don't have to.



Work Remote

Remote invoice approval can be done using any device. As long as you have access to your email, you can approve invoice anywhere, at anytime.

"I really like how we have a central email address where all invoices can be sent and they just pop into my processing queue. This system is simple, but robust and can handle all your accounts payable needs."

- Rachel T. 

Great Plains Food Bank

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is Fidesic data secured?

We meet a variety of data security compliances including SSAE Type 16, SAS 70, PCI and several others so you can rest assured your data is being handled properly. Please read our security and privacy policy to understand the steps we have taken to ensure that your invoices and payments sent electronically are secure -- more secure than any paper-based processing system!

We have a rigid payment approval process, can Fidesic accommodate this?

Yes, we support any number of approvers, multiple signatures, and multiple stages based on payment amounts.

Our budget is planned and tightly controlled, how much is the setup?

There is no setup fee, so you can start using it without having to set aside funds to implementation. On an ongoing basis, Fidesic will free-up more funds for your core purpose!

How does Fidesic's OCR work?

Our Data Capture process is based on a hybrid model of both software and human capture. Rest assured, our combination of software and human capture is the best available. Your invoices will have accurate data captured accurately and automatically with no manual entry required from you or your staff.

How can we handle audits?

Fidesic has customized reports designed for the non-profit space. We can produce backups of actual invoices and checks for auditors with a few clicks!

Does Fidesic provide paper check fulfillment?

Yes! Fidesic helps you with the distribution of invoices and checks to your suppliers and vendors. We can provide a more cost-efficient pricing model than what you may currently be paying for.

How much support and experience is required?

Because Fidesic is easy to use and intuitive, little to no experience is required. Additionally, we offer training manuals and a series of videos designed to make the set-up process easy to understand - we ensure you have all the tools necessary to be successful. No need for lengthy training sessions with a support team just to get started. We strive to be the providers of instant-automation!

Can I try out Fidesic without full commitment?

Yes! You have the ability to utilize our innovative solutions at no cost. No credit card required - no commitment. See what you like at your own pace! Visit our pricing page to learn more about Fidesic for Free.