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$49 / month

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  • $19 per user (at the Approver level)
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Direct ACH Processing or Check Fulfillment
  • Customer (Vendor) Web Portals
  • Customizable Workflow

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  Unlimited Invoice Data Capture (OCR)

  Unlimited Users

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Transaction Type Pricing
ACH $.49/each
Credit Cards We will meet or beat your current rates
Paper checks/invoices $1.69/each
Data Entry (OCR) $.99/each
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Fidesic for Free 1

In our weekly accounts payable automation webinars, users have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of how Fidesic works.

Discover how you can save countless hours of data entry and hundreds of dollars in invoice processing costs specifically for Dynamics GP.

Fidesic for Free 3
  • What does Microsoft’s modern update cycle mean for you?
  • Does having a “cloud” ERP system really matter?
  • How can I stay up-to-date with the latest Dynamics GP changes?

These are just a few of the many questions that Fidesic and PowerGP Online address within this on-demand webinar.

calculate your ROI for accounts payable automation

Accounts Payable Automation ROI Calculator

What is your return on investment when automating accounts payable?

Fidesic is built to make your processes easier, and therefore, save your company money. However, because these savings are often based on increased efficiency, the direct savings can be a bit hard to pin down. That's why we've built this tool to assist you in your analysis.

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