mary's pizza and fidesic ap automation case study

Fidesic Self-Starter

Mary's Pizza Overview

Mary’s Pizza has a unique take on the pizza restaurant space. At each Mary’s Pizza Shack, they prepare Mary’s Italian comfort food from scratch every day. No heat lamps. No frozen dough. No canned sauces. They have open kitchens, allowing their guests to see the cooks in action. Kids love to sit at the counter and watch the dough spin, the flour fly, and their favorite dishes prepared right before their eyes.

The Problem

With 18 locations and plans for continued growth, Mary’s Pizza was in need of a solution to overcome the challenges that accompanied the business’s accelerated growth. Their primary challenges included back office data entry and invoice management. These challenges would only become more difficult to overcome as they continued to add new restaurant entities. 

Being a family-run business, their do-it-yourself approach to most things pushed them to seek an accounts payable solution that they could self-set-up and maintain on their own. Mary’s Pizza was specifically looking for a solution that did not require outside assistance from a support team and that they could easily set-up themselves without a massive time commitment or implementation cost. 

They tasked their trusted Dynamics Partner, Joni Hankin, with researching and setting up the right solution. 

“My chain restaurant client, that uses Microsoft Great Plains, needed a solution to automate their accounts payable and implement OCR for storing invoices/attachments to each payable invoice,” said Joni.

After researching a variety of different automation software companies, they found Fidesic. Fidesic directly addressed their specific needs and wants and offered features that no other accounting automation alternatives had. Most importantly, setting up Fidesic is not a giant project, it can be done as quickly as you’d like. 

The Setup - Set Yourself Up Quickly and Easily

The Fidesic team understood the importance of fast automation setup as the company needed to scale its operations as quickly as possible to avoid any additional, unnecessary expenses. 

After a quick call with Fidesic’s sales team, Mary’s Pizza was provided all the tools to set up the solution themselves. No need for lengthy planning sessions, scheduling delays, or training. 

Joni, their Dynamics GP Consultant, managed the entire process start to finish with the inbuilt tools. 

“We found Fidesic to not only be easy to install, because of their accurate documentation to lead through each step, but also, they were easily found by phone or email for support. The interface to Great Plains has been flawless.

Fidesic’s onboarding and setup process is fully documented and can be done without any assistance from the Fidesic team. 

Request a Custom Demo

Self Setup Doesn’t Mean a Lack of Customization

After using Fidesic’s solution for some time, Mary’s team desired a customization to the software platform that would fit their unique process. With most software vendors this would require a huge effort to modify the existing platform, and would take months (if it all). Joni wrote her request for customization, and the Fidesic team was able to add their custom feature within the month. 

“We’ve been using the AP module for 4 months now, had a bit of customization done, and are very pleased with the software and the ease of using it.”

In Summary 

  • Mary’s Pizza is growing rapidly and needs affordable technology solutions that enable them to continue to expand and add business locations
  • They needed a solution to automate their accounts payable and implement OCR for storing invoices/attachments to each payable invoice
  • Mary’s Pizza’s Dynamics Partner researched solutions to meet their requirements
  • Fidesic provided Mary’s pizza with an end-to-end AP automation solution with a self-setup onboarding process
  • Fidesic was also able to provide unique customization features to meet the unique needs of Mary’s Pizza within a month
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