Accounts Payable automation for Publishing case study

Accounts Payable for Publishing

Established in 1994, Modern Luxury is the preeminent luxury lifestyle publisher in the United States, with 80+ titles across 24 major markets— reaching more than 5 million readers. Running a company that operates in many locations, offices, and markets can create huge problems for basic office functions.
To add to this problem, in 2012 Modern Luxury nearly doubled in size with a large acquisition. This stressed an already stretched AP management process leaving them with a simple choice, find a way to better automate this process, or hire a small army of people to manually manage it from start to finish.
Fortunately, Modern Luxury found Fidesic, the premier accounts payable automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics® GP.
“Without Fidesic, everything would have to be entered manually,” said Renae Blair AP Manager at Modern Luxury. “The work hours that would require would be completely impractical.”
Learn how Fidesic assisted Modern Luxury with their accounts payable management process.
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