Fidesic AP for Automotive Services

National car wash company gets tailored AP Automation to meet their specific needs.

Mammoth Holdings is a national car wash company. After growing 800% in three years, Mammoth needed to merge its accounting and operations teams into a single system. The company also needed a solution to automate accounts payable that would integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

“We were desperately seeking a robust program to integrate with GP that would improve AP efficiency,” Mammoth Accounting Manager Brittany Blackmon.

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Prior to using Fidesic, Mammoth’s accounts payable process relied heavily on manual work and was consuming too much time and money. As the company grew, this process proved to be unsustainable. With Fidesic, the company was able to automate and improve efficiency across the AP process.

Because Mammoth is in a niche industry, it has specific requirements. While Fidesic AP is the best automation solution for Dynamics GP on the market, what sets Fidesic apart for Mammoth is service. The team at Fidesic worked closely with the team at Mammoth throughout the implementation process to develop solutions that meet all of Mammoth’s unique needs.

“Mammoth is most impressed by the dedication and willingness of the Fidesic team to listen to our feedback, as it relates to our specific industry, and assist in improving our overall experience through development phases,” Blackmon said.

“Knowing Fidesic genuinely cares that we are as efficient as possible and wants to see us succeed holds a lot of weight! More so nowadays when personal relationships can tend to fade.”

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