Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Accounts Payable

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for accounts payable?

OCR technology turns image-based letters, numbers and other characters from a scanned document into text-based characters for digital storage and processing. OCR for accounts payable is most commonly used to digitize invoice data. But not all OCR is created equal. The wrong solution can cause your business a lot of costly errors and slow down your closing processes. We know when to be humble, and this isn't one of those times. In this post we will look at why Fidesic OCR for accounts payable in Microsoft Dynamics GP is better than the rest, but you don't have to be a GP user to get something out of this post. If you are considering OCR for an AP solution, keep the five winning factors below in mind when choosing a vendor.

Fidesic is the go-to accounts payable automation solution for Dynamics GP. When you combine that with best-in-class OCR, you take the strain out of AP processing. Already tired of our bragging? Find out for yourself Get a Demo.

6 Reasons Fidesic OCR for accounts payable in Microsoft Dynamics GP is better than the rest: 


1. Combination of Software and Human Capture

Software Based Capture: We'll first run submitted invoices through our industry leading software-based system. This will capture nearly all your important data.

Human Verification: After we've run it through our software, our staff will patch any remaining holes in the data. By the time it gets to you, it will be high quality data.


2. All Required Fields Are Captured Before Being Sent In

Automatic Coding and Routing: After capturing the data we're also able to apply codes and terms exactly as you have them defaulted in your ERP system. These items can be used immediately for workflow routing.


3. Multi-Location Support

Fidesic includes both email address-based capture and ship-to address based capture so your invoices always sync with the right account.


4. Easy to Get Started

No need to mess with templates or manage the capture directly, this is all handled by Fidesic.


5. Confirm Before You Send

Users can push scanned invoices directly into a workflow for approval, or send invoices to a confirmation page. 


6. Improves Over Time 

Our smart OCR for AP solution remembers your most common invoices so the more your use it,  the smarter it gets. This way, fewer mistakes are made and invoices are processed that much more quickly and cost-effectively.

What's more, we base all development decisions on the voice of the customer. We recently launched a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program to measure our customer satisfaction rates. Our current NPS of 44 puts us ahead of more than 70% of other software vendors, but we're not done improving our products and services. We have seen insights on what segments of our products people love and what we can improve. At Fidesic, we want to make your daily ‘grind' as enjoyable as possible. We base all development decisions on the voice of the customer, so if there's something we can do to make your work-life better, let us know, we'd love to hear from you.


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