Accounts Payable Checkup

We've written up this quick checklist to see how efficient and effective your accounts payable process currently is as 2017 is fast approaching. If you'd like to learn more about each step below, Fidesic AP can help fix your current challenges.


  • Data Entry- Does your process still rely completely on manual entry for data capture? Optical Character Recognition has come a long way recently, and Fidesic's is the best around (99% accuracy rate)
  • Workflow Automation- Does your workflow rely on a person to manually send out invoices? Fidesic AP workflow tools allow you to route invoices automatically. That means your AP staff won't have to spend their time managing the approval process.
  • Payment Automation- Are you still buying stamps, licking envelopes and printing checks locally? Fidesic AP can help you in two ways. First, we can provide outsourced check mailing. Seceond, we offer automatic ACH. Your vendors can sign up for ACH directly through our portal. After they've signed up we'll deliver the ACH file directly from your bank. No complicated bank portals necessary. 


  • Storage- Are you invoices in storage somewhere? Are digital copies backed up? Fidesic AP maintains all your AP invoice documents within our secure cloud. We'll provide you backups to store locally, but you'll have peace of mind that all data is backed up in a secure place.
  • Vendor ACH Info- If you process ACH payments to your vendors currently, odds are you've got their banking info stored…. somewhere. Is that location secure? PCI and SSAE type 16 compliant? Fidesic stores your vendor's banking info in our secure portal. Beyond being extremely secure, it means you don't have to be responsible for their data.


  • Mobile Approval- Does your approval process grind to a halt when someone is out of the office? Fidesic's AP portal allows anywhere, anytime, approval from any web-connected device.
  • Mobile Management- Is your AP department stuck in the office? Fidesic gives AP staff the ability to do their job from anywhere. You can manage workflow, pull up images of invoices, check on status, and even process payments to vendors from anywhere.

Fidesic AP is available as a 30 Day Trial which you can try with no cost or commitment. 

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