road to directions na 2023 live fridays with fidesic

Live Streaming with Fidesic Coming Soon

We are pretty pumped to be starting a streaming series on LinkedIn in the next few weeks. We are lining up guests from the Microsoft Dynamics Community to discuss “The Road to Directions”.

Join us live on LinkedIn for fun, casual talks that engage directly with the Dynamics ERP Community. We are kicking things off with a series of live “watercooler” chats about the next big Microsoft Dynamics Partner conference. We’re lining up some terrific guest speakers from the Dynamics Community.

This series will be an experiment in most ways, but we’re hoping to learn a lot, share what we know and have some great conversations about strategy and game-planning for Directions North America 2023.

Fidesic’s Kevin Pritchard will be going live with people who work in the Dynamics channel for some fun, casual conversations that hopefully pack some knowledge too. 

“I've never been to Directions and I'm hoping to have conversations with those who have to gain insights on how to best maximize my time there (and possibly some other conferences as well.),” Kevin said

We think Friday is a good day for this kind of informal chat. What do you think? 

Going to Directions NA this year? Want to be a guest speaker?

Email us at


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