Integration Matters- How to Truly Automate Your AP

So you've decided you want to start automating your accounting processes. With many different products, several different methods, and lots of different pricing structures where do you begin? The best place to begin is by searching for a system that works directly with your ERP system.  You could have a class invoice approval workflow but without an integration into your ERP system you could easily increase the amount of total work it takes to approve an invoice.

There are many ISVs in the automation space that offer AP solutions, but many of these are generalists who are more than happy to claim they “integrate” with your ERP system. This is frequently in the form of a spreadsheet hooked into another third party system to dump this data into yourERP system.  Having to go through a separate module adds complexity and increased workload to your process. Ideally you want a service that communicates directly with your ERP system, allows your standard internal controls, provides a log of items that fail, and updates your list with items that were successfully imported.

What to ask a potential solution provider:

1.     Ask if they have a module that integrates directly with your ERP system.

2.     Ask them how many clients they have on your ERP system.

3.     Ask to see a demo of what the import process looks like.

The Fidesic Platform offers the tightest integration with Dynamics GP available. Fidesic has been directly integrated with GP for over 10 years, and our system's workflow is based around a GP workflow. Make sure you ask your solutions provider about their integration points, otherwise you may end up with a “paperless cloud based solutions” that actually makes managing AP more labor intensive.

For more info about the Fidesic AP module head over the or check out our YouTube videos here. 

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