Fidesic AP vs. AvidXchange: Choosing AP Software for Great Plains

Is it time for you to streamline your business accounting practices – why not start with accounts payable software? Automating approvals and payment of invoices can pay for itself, but return on investment depends on choosing a solution that not only provides features but meets your current technology and business needs. If you are weighing your options between AP software for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, this post will help you compare Fidesic AP vs AvidXchange AP automation.

Best AP Software for Great Plains Users 

Naturallly, we think we are pretty good at what we do and that our solution is the best Great Plains AP app, but you can't afford to just take this at face value. So, to help you select the right solution, here are a few reasons why we think Fidesic is the best AP tool for Dynamics GP users.


While AvidXchange works as a quick solution for a number of different accounting systems, it offers fewer accounts payable features than Fidesic. What does Fidesic have that AvidXchange doesn't?

  • Check Fulfillment
  • Data Extraction 
  • Aging Tracking
  • Duplicate Payment Alerts
  • Customizedable Invoices 


While AvidXchange can be integrated to many systems, it is not a dedicated solution for Great Plains users—Fidesic AP is.

Fidesic embeds directly within GP so it works perfectly with GP batch processing. It doesn't get any easier than with Fidesic. No integration manager required. Just create a batch and import directly as a batch in GP. To learn more about Fidesic's integration and why it's important, check out this blog post.


At Fidesic, support is a part of our daily focus. We provide in-house support to ensure our customers get concierge level service. Fidesic's Everyone on Support policy ensures your support tickets receive fast, personalized responses and also helps to ensure the entire Fidesic team is better in-tune with customer needs. The last thing you want during a hectic period closing is to be stuck on an AP software support call with a person who doesn't have deep knowledge of your solution.

Service Improvement Strategy

While many companies say they prioritize service, Fidesic actually measures our Net Promoter Score and we work to improve it. As we already said, service is our first mission and continually improving our products is a key part of that. We want to make your job as enjoyable as possible. How can we improve? Let Us Know


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