Fidesic AP for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare is extremely complicated. Companies have to deal with patients and insurance in addition to all the standard business processes. What if there was a way to make those business processes more simplified and streamlined? Fidesic AP was built with the healthcare industry in mind, and beyond that, it was built to modernize and simplify ap processing across multiple facilities. Here's how we can help. 

Department Based Routing
In the healthcare industry, separation of authority and duties is very important for accountability and reporting. Fidesic allows you to automatically route invoices based on department rules and will automatically notify the correct approver based on those rules. Those users will be able to quickly review and approve their invoices directly from their browser. This can be done anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. 

Facilities Routing
Beyond organizing your approval process into specific departments, Fidesic also allows you to route invoices across multiple facilities. AP invoices can be sent digitally to gather a facilities approver and then automatically be routed back to AP for final approval and review. Your AP will have the option to ask questions to the facilities managers all through the web-based Fidesic interface. 

Automatic Coding and Capture
Fidesic lets you send PDFs directly to our capture system where we'll automatically capture the necessary information to send it out for approval. Here's what we can capture automatically: 

  • Vendor
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Total
  • Location/Facility
  • GL Coding

Best of all, we can dynamically adjust the GL coding assigned to an invoice based on the address information on the invoice. This means less manual entry by your staff, more accurate routing, and less time spent chasing down the correct approver. 

Visibility Across your Entire Organization
Your AP and Administrators will have visibility into your current account payables status like you've never had before. As soon as an invoice has been captured by our system you'll be able to see it exists, see how much the invoice is for, see who's approval queue it currently resides in, and all other basic information. You'll have access to powerful reporting tools to give you quick status updates within the system. This includes daily emailed invoice reports with information about your current AP. 


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