AP Project Fail? Dynamics GP Story We Often Hear from Customers

If you are implementing or have implemented Accounts Payable Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP and it’s not going well, we feel your pain.

It's always a good day when we get to welcome a new customer aboard at Fidesic, but sometimes clients come to us with urgent problems.  A new customer recently came to us with a familiar story we often hear from our new clients. That story goes something like this…

The company has been going strong for years, running on Microsoft Dynamics GP for their accounting system. After so many years of good business, things change. The market shifts, supply chains become more complex, the company grows with new locations and a growing flood of invoices.

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The increased workload on a mostly manual AP process is leading to lost invoices, errors, duplications and major bottlenecks at month-end closing. They decide it's time to automate.

With multi-entity accounting software already in place, the company chooses Bill.com or other one-size-fits-all solution to automate invoice processing with a recognizable name. 

"...they find the AP solution that was supposed to make their life easier is causing added strain.

The company quickly finds that their new AP solution doesn’t live up to their expectations, or maybe the implementation project is hitting snags that can't be reconciled. The solution doesn't offer location-based approval workflows that work with GP and Binary Stream’s MEM. With shaky integration to GP and no ability to easily manage multiple locations and multiple entities from one place, they find the AP solution that was supposed to make their life easier is causing added strain.

At this point, the company is forced to make the tough decision and cut their losses on their initial implementation. But their AP woes aren't solved, which means they have to switch to a new AP automation package.

Why they come to Fidesic:

  • Support for Multi-Entity & Multi-location
  • Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Path Forward with Available Integration to D365 Business Central
  • Built on Azure
  • Concierge Level Support

Dynamics GP AP Automation Going Off the Rails?

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