6 Ways to Cut AP Overhead Costs

Accounts payable processing costs can go through the roof if you run a growing business and you are manually processing an increasing amount of vendor invoices, or maybe your old way of doing things has just become too cumbersome. Whatever the reason is, you need to reduce AP overhead or just need to grow your business without growing your AP department. This post will go through 6 key steps you can take to drastically reduce your AP overhead costs.

Go Paperless

It may seem counterintuitive to invest in a new software solution when you are trying to cut costs, but with cloud-based software there is little to no upfront cost. Processing paper is not only time-consuming, it is prone to errors and lost data. It also costs more money and more resources to manage. With the right tech, you can start cutting costs right away.

Automate Everything

The competitive landscape is demanding higher levels of automation. Accounts payable automation software designed for your accounting solution not only saves time for the AP team, it greatly reduces risks associated with fraud, errors and compliance. Plus, AP automation will help support the entire financial team with timely and accurate data entries.

Invoice Capture and Matching

Being able to rely on accurate optical character recognition (OCR) is essential to cutting AP overhead costs. With invoice capture, you can quickly import data from vendors who only have paper-based invoicing. When your AP solution integrates with your accounting software, the data is entered and checked for you, so matching invoices to purchase orders and financial data happens automatically. Learn more about OCR for AP

Stay Ahead of the Curve by Always Improving

There is more to cutting AP overhead costs than getting the right AP software. Auditing your processes on a regular basis will help you identify and correct bottlenecks, money pits and risks.

Streamline Approvals

With the right AP workflows, invoices will automatically be routed to the right manager so they can approve them easily. This way, your AP team no longer has to chase down signatures.

Go Cloud and Stay Agile

Let's face it, there is more change and instability than ever. Cloud solutions not only let you access them from anywhere, they also help organizations stay more agile. With predictable monthly payments, you can quickly add or remove users as needed so you no longer have to lose on licensing costs as you grow and shrink your staff.

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics GP? If you need to reduce your AP overhead costs, Fidesic AP automation is your go-to solution: cloud-based, best-in-class OCR, seamless integration.


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