4 Efficiency Gains in Providing a Customer Portal

Providing a Customer Portal is the modern equivalent ofsending out statements. Your customers will have easy access to their accountinfo from any internet ready device and will be able to make quick payments toyour company. Providing a portal for your customers can increase efficiency inseveral ways.

1.     No Reprints- Ever.

When you provide a customer portal, yourcustomers are in charge of their invoice history. That means they can see oldinvoices, make copies, and keep track of their account. From your perspectivethat means no more customers in asking for invoice copies (and wasting your ARstaff's time).

2.     Web Based Payments

Giving your customers access to an easy-to-useportal can greatly reduce customer payment delinquency. Using a portal,customers can set up a credit card, or bank account for payment, then all theyhave to do is long in and click pay in the portal. Your AR staff will no longerhave to manually process customer payments over the phone.

3.     Automatic Payments

Using a portal, such as the Fidesic AR CustomerPortal, customers can schedule their payments automatically. Payments coming inautomatically means your staff doesn't have to track down customers and ask forpayment.

4.     No need to key in payment receipts

When a customer processes a payment through theFidesic AR Portal, those payment receipts are in a format directly compatiblewith Dynamics GP. Just click import, and all receipts will be applied againstthe correct invoices. No manual entry for your AR staff allows them plenty oftime to focus on revenue generating activities.

The Fidesic AR Customer Portal is an easy to set up portalbuilt specifically for Dynamics GP. You get all the efficiency boosts listedabove, and it will integrate with your current merchant account.

To find out more about the Fidesic AR Customer Portal justcontact an Enliven Software Sales rep directly by emailingSales@EnlivenSoftware.com.

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