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How Cloud AP Solutions Enable Working Remote

With recent shelter in place orders many businesses have had to react quickly to enable remote work. While supply chains have been interrupted and social distancing requirements make some operational functions more of a challenge than others, there is already technology in place to help accounting departments make the transition to working remote quite smooth.

Accounts Payable teams can be up and running on a cloud-based automation solution quickly and keep the ball rolling during disruptive times. Here are…


6 benefits of cloud AP solutions that enable working remote:


1. Remote Capture of Invoices

  • eMail drop-boxes and FTP locations to deliver invoices
  • Staff can enter invoice data in our web-based portal that will export to accounting software

2. Remote Invoice Approval

  • Customizable workflow based on invoice data, or manual routing

3. Remote Payment Approval  

  • Customizable workflow based on payment data, or manual routing

4. Outsourced Check Fulfillment

  • Upload payments to our portal, and we can print checks on your clients' behalf.

5. Remote Data Capture from Invoices

  • Drop-box email addresses that will support automatic data capture

6. Remote ACH Fulfillment

  • ACH files for payments sent up from your accounting solution. After they've been approved we can deliver this file directly to the bank.


If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, Fidesic AP is waiving setup fees to help you transition in this difficult time and keep the ball rolling for your accounts payable team. 


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