accounts payable automation for Healthcare and Wellness Organizations

Modernizing Dynamics GP for Healthcare and Wellness Organizations

Managing an accounting department for a healthcare or wellness organization has various challenges such as:
  • Abiding by complex compliance requirements
  • Capturing invoices accurately over multiple locations
  • Following strict approval rules based on clinics and/or departments
  • Using a complex interface that only those well-versed with Dynamics GP can navigate efficiently
  • Difficulty generating accurate audit reports and maintaining visibility into the invoice approval process
These challenges can be especially difficult if you are manually processing a growing number of vendor invoices across multiple locations or your current accounts payable process is too cumbersome due to various inefficiencies.

But, there is a solution.

If you are currently utilizing Dynamics GP, you can address these complexities with flexible solutions designed specifically for those within the healthcare industry. Healthcare and wellness organizations of any size have the ability to overcome the biggest healthcare accounting challenges and manage multiple entities while simultaneously scaling their operations.
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