how to create a stress free accounts payable department on demand webinar

How to Create a Stress-Free Accounts Payable Department


On-the-job stress is not only bad for employees, it's bad for business. In fact, US businesses lose an estimated $300 million per year as a result of employee stress according to data from the American Institute of Stress. They identify the following side effects of stress as causes of lost dollars:

  • Accidents

  • Absenteeism

  • Employee turnover

  • Diminished productivity

  • Direct medical, legal, and insurance costs

  • Workers' compensation payments

Working in accounts payable can be a time-consuming, stressful job.

At its best, accounts payable can be a high impact, human-centered department. At its worst, it can feel like a never-ending stream of data entry and robotic tasks. It can be an especially challenging job if there are inefficiencies in your AP process causing unnecessary strain and frustration on you and your team.

But, by transforming the monotonous nature of accounts payable and removing inefficiencies, you can improve the morale and productivity of your AP department - making it more impactful on your entire organization.


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