Fidesic vs. MineralTree: Choosing the best AP Software for GP

Choosing new software for a business can be a tricky decision. Make the right choice and you save the company time, money and even help drive profits and growth. Make the wrong choice and you waste time and money and may even create lasting challenges for the organization. When it comes to accounting technology, the stakes might be higher than most, so finding the best AP automation solution for business requires careful consideration. If you are looking for the best AP automation software for Microsoft Dynamics GP, this post will help you compare Fidesic vs MineralTree AP automation.

Of course, we believe our product is the best AP automation solution for GP, but we know you are going to need to choose a solution based on your business's specific requirements. So with that in mind we are going to share a few factors that we think make Fidesic the best AP automation software for Dynamics GP.

Data Capture with Dynamic Location Support

MineralTree offers data capture, but few solutions offer OCR and data verification services as robust as Fidesic. Fidesic data capture is about as plug-and-play as it gets, with no special software, scanners, or QR codes needed to get started. Simply use the scanner that works best for your business and submit the files to Fidesic's data capture (email or FTP). From there, Fidesic auto-applies default GL codes as well as location data from the capture. It can also automatically calculate an entire GL string based on the scanned location.


What really sets Fidesic apart is its unrivaled integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Fidesic module is embedded directly within GP so it works seamlessly with GP batch processing. Unlike many solutions, Fidesic does not require Webconnect or Integration Manager. Users simply create a batch, and import directly. This allows Fidesic to fully support Binary Stream's MEM to enable simplified multi-entity AP processing.

Easy to Use

The Fidesic interface is easy to use and more feature-rich for user convenience. What makes Fidesic unique is that it uses a 100% web-based workflow so remote users with credentials can easily connect - even users without Dynamics GP have access. Fidesic capture data, including location data, is used to automatically route invoices. Fidesic also supports either/or approvals and enables ad-hoc modifications. Simply put, Fidesic automates more steps to better streamline your approval process.

Payables Aging Tracking

Fidesic enables robust AP reporting including payables aging reports. MineralTree does not support aging payables tracking.

Choice of Payment Method

Fidesic supports whatever payment method works best for your users, from electronic payments to paper checks. While MineralTree does not support EFT payments, Fidesic does support EFT, ACH and ACH direct payments (Why Direct ACH). For companies that still rely heavily on paper checks, Fidesic also supports positive pay so banks only cash paper checks on a preapproved basis (How Positive Pay Works)

Risk Management and Prevention

While MineralTree will help you reduce your manual processes, Fidesic's unmatched data capture and direct integration with GP can practically eliminate manual data entry to further reduce errors and fraud risks. MineralTree also includes fraud detection, but Fidesic enables a deeper level of security with more payment method options to best suit your needs. What's more, Fidesic supports MEM better than any other AP automation software for GP, so you can track your payments across your entire organization to better meet your risk management requirements. Learn More: Payments Fraud by the Numbers and How to Prevent It


At Fidesic, we're proud to say that our customer satisfaction rating is better than 70% of other IT companies. We provide in-house support to ensure our customers get concierge level service. Fidesic's Everyone on Support policy ensures your support tickets receive fast, personalized responses and also helps to ensure the entire Fidesic team is better in-tune with customer needs.  Fidesic's support for data capture is unmatched in our ability to ensure your scanned invoices are always entered accurately.

Commitment to Improve

Development and continual improvement is a top priority at Fidesic and we continue to look for ways we can improve our user support services. In fact, Fidesic is always looking for new ways to improve all of our products and all of our services which is why we listen closely to our customers' suggestions to help make your job as enjoyable as possible.

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