MB2 Dental Scales Monthly Invoicing for 250 Locations

As a business grows, so does the complexity of its financial requirements with increasing transaction volume and disparate entities coming together through mergers and acquisitions. At this stage, the amount of data created makes using spreadsheets for consolidation almost impossible, but businesses can also gain a competitive advantage with multi-entity accounting software for their ERP system.
A perfect example of this situation plays out with MB2 Dental. With a plan to continue growing and adding new locations, MB2 Dental needed a way to manage a greater number of accounts payable invoices and payments without being overrun on the management side of their business. Whatever solution they were to select had to work with their Binary Stream MEM setup with Dynamics GP - any extra work there was a non-starter.
Discover how MB2 Dental overcame the challenges that accompany growth amongst multiple business entities and scaled their accounts payable operations in Binary and Fidesic's Panel Discussion.
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