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Revenue share

We believe in equitable relationships with our partners. Fidesic has no up front onboarding fees for our services but any time you spend helping a client get on board you are free to bill at your normal rate. We don’t compete with you for onboarding billable hours.

Marketing collaboration

We work with your marketing department to figure out how to work best together. We’re happy to do partnership webinars or direct client demos

Client Focused

We prioritize customer experience and ensure that your client’s needs are being met first and foremost. We are easily accessible for support and customization requests.

Unique Product Offering

Fidesic enhances your customer lifetime value (CLV) for your current customer base. Offer them something that other resellers cannot! With our special focus on Dynamics GP AP Automation, you can ensure you and your clients are utilizing the best solution possible

Free Ap automation for partners

Take advantage of our solution to ease your own workload. Fidesic is free to use for our partners. We want you to experience the benefits of utilizing our solution first hand.

Low Start up Costs

Fidesic is built to connect to existing GP functions and permissions. There’s no heavy modification to GP or training to get up and running. Our solution integrates seamlessly with GP with all the necessary support to be successful.

Our Trusted Partners

Partner With Us

A partnership with Fidesic can help your business grow in many ways. Our AR and AP solutions will help your business stand out from the pack of Value Added Resellers. Having a trusted partner on hand to cut costs, and increase process efficiencies in both AR and AP departments will become a valuable asset to the expansion of your business.

You’ve built up a relationship with your clients and we want to help strengthen and enhance that rather than bypass your current relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Fidesic as a partner?

We know GP and the GP community. We understand that taking care of your clients is a top priority, and you're going out on the line when you recommend a solution. We'll be there to support you throughout the onboarding process.

What if my client finds your solution directly? Will you try to sell them?

Nope, we exist in the partner channel and will send all leads back through you. We want your expertise with each client and are happy to tie them to your account.

How often will I be paid?

We pay out monthly based on actual usage.

How intensive is your onboarding process?

It's not difficult at all! We'll handle nearly all the setup. You'll simply need to assist with the installation of the module itself, which is fully documented and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

How long do I earn on deals I bring?

You'll earn commission as long as they are an active customer on our platform.

Can I bill for the time I spend?

Yes! We have our standard pricing, but you're free to bill your client based on your stand rates.

Questions? Contact us!