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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Fidesic provide fulfillment of paper invoices and remote check printing?

Yes, Fidesic helps you with the distribution of invoices and checks to your customers and vendors. This allows your staff to focus on critical areas of your AR and AP processes. We typically can do this much cheaper than your current costs.

How does direct ACH transmission work?

ACH (automated clearinghouse) is a method of electronically transferring funds. With accounts payable management software, the software provider may offer ACH but often will work more like an intermediary clearinghouse--you transfer funds to them, they transfer payment to your vendor.

With an Accounts Payable Automation solution like Fidesic, an ACH file is generated as your invoices are approved and automatically sent to your bank directly over SFTP. The bank then processes the ACH as if the client manually uploaded it, and it is something that nearly all modern banks support.

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How can vendors submit invoices?

Fidesic offers different options for your vendors to submit invoices:

1. Vendors can submit invoices directly to our data capture system using an AP dropbox email address.

2. Vendors can utilize our vendor portal for direct submission of invoices.

Does the vendor have access to the status of an outstanding invoice?

Yes, there is full transparency throughout the entire payment process. Within your vendor account center, the vendor knows when a payment is scheduled, as well as when it is estimated to show up in their bank account.