EDI Support Now Included with All Fidesic AP Packages

EDI is a method for transmitting data in a standardized way. Many larger companies support EDI as a method for invoice delivery, and some even require it. If you've looked into EDI there are a plethora of companies trying to sell you EDI specific technologies. With Fidesic, receiving EDI invoices is built into the system.

You'll simply direct your EDI compliant vendors to submit their documents into your standard invoice queue, and we'll take care of the processing. You'll have perfectly captured invoice data with no need for manual entry. You will of course have the actual 810 file on hand to reference during your web based approval process and just like any transaction with Fidesic, this data will be directly compatible with your ERP system.

Additionally, many of the vendors you already work with may already support EDI. Letting them know you are now compliant may greatly increase the number of invoices sent to you in this format. This can drive down your cost of manual entry, and your overall AP cost.

Now for the best part: EDI support is built in for all AP users of our system. There is no additional licensing cost to start using our EDI system. Simply let your vendors know you now support it, and start reaping the benefits of full EDI support today!

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